Opposition Leader Andrew Holness says the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is pleased with the positive response and overwhelming interest being expressed in the Party’s 10-point plan for economic growth and job creation.  Mr. Holness says the JLP will use its mass meeting in Sam Sharpe Square on Sunday where it officially launches its national campaign as well as future campaign activities to provide greater details on its plans. 

Mr. Holness said: “We have presented a 10-point plan that is practical, achievable and relevant to all Jamaicans.  And there is still more to come.  Our economic growth and job creation plan stands to benefit Jamaicans from all walks of life: from our young people, farmers, pensioners and self-employed persons, to our public servants,  manufacturers, and other business operators and investors.    Our 10-point plan offers something to everyone, especially the poor, unemployed and working class Jamaican.  It is a well-thought out and bankable plan of action to truly move Jamaica forward and relieve the people of the pain and suffering they are enduring at this time.” 

Holness continued: “It should interest the public to note that the Opposition has been thoughtful and practical in our focus on policies and initiatives that will spur growth and provide jobs for our people.  The 10-point plan we have presented is a firm commitment to the people of Jamaica.  We give firm commitment; we don't make promises.  We recognize that people’s lives have been made worse by the PNP Government and we will continue to bring our message of prosperity to them in further demonstrating that the Opposition is a viable and credible alternative to this failed government.” 
The Opposition Leader says it is worth repeating that Jamaica cannot continue to allow the PNP Government to cut and tax the country into poverty.  “We must grow our way to prosperity.  Team JLP looks forward to being entrusted with leadership of the country so that we can implement our realistic and game-changing plans for economic growth and job creation.”



Featured Video - JLP Rally Sam Sharpe Square 2016