February 11, 2016

Jamaica Labour Party Spokesman on Science, ICT & Digital Society Development, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, says a new JLP Government will make the internet accessible on Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses.  Dr. Wheatley says the commitment is in furtherance of the JLP’s unwavering and principled commitment to universal access to the internet. 
Dr. Wheatley said: “Well-thinking Jamaicans readily recognize the important role technology and the internet play in our daily lives.  In fact, internet connectivity has become so crucial to our everyday functioning that many couldn’t possibly begin to imagine their lives without internet access.  It is with this in mind that the JLP has given a commitment to providing free internet access for specified educational and government services, and gives a further commitment to making the internet available on JUTC buses.”

The Jamaica Labour Party Spokesman emphasized: “It is the JLP’s belief that in making a serious push toward making Jamaica a truly digital society, government must play a lead role in making the internet more accessible to the people of Jamaican.  In addition to the work being done under the Universal Service Fund and the availability of internet connectivity at the various Youth Information Centres across the island, we believe the commuting public would welcome such a move as access to the internet generally facilitates commerce, educational activities, entertainment and innovation.” 
He continued: “The Jamaica Labour Party is committed to transforming Jamaica into a digital society. These initiatives will be truly beneficial to the people of Jamaica and facilitate the improvement of Jamaica’s rankings in the Networked Readiness Index .”   




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