Jamaica Labour Party Declares Election Readiness; Campaign named “Recovering Stronger”

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Sunday, August 9, 2020 - 14:15

The Jamaica Labour Party’s Central Executive today met in St James.  The Central Executive which is the second highest decision making body outside of its annual conference, was convened to hone the Party’s readiness for the upcoming General and Local Government Elections.  
The Party Chairman, Robert Montague’s address, focused on setting the tone for the meeting. He reminded the Central Executive “No seat is immune from loss, and indeed no seat is unwinnable”. The matters focused on by the Central Executive included:

  • Extensive discussions and sensitization session on the regulations related to campaign financing and the process of declarations. 
  • The Covid-19 protocols for campaigning and impending elections; the central executive received a presentation from Dr. Christopher Tufton.

In updating the Central Executive on the Party’s readiness for the impending elections, General Secretary, Dr. Horace Change, re-introduced all 63 Candidates. 
Prime Minister Holness started his presentation by asking all those in attendance, “Is it time, and if so are you ready?” to which there was resounding affirmation and applause.
The Prime Minister and Party Leader also took time to outline the positive legacy of the Government under the leadership of the Jamaica Labour Party; he noted the significant gains in the economy, infrastructure, health and COVID-19 management, employment and several other strong positive developments.
The Party Leader reminded all candidates and members of the Party’s executive, that the Jamaica Labour Party will run a clean and uplifting campaign focused on providing hope and reassurance to the Jamaican people and rebuilding our country as we navigate the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
In this regard, the Prime Minister announced that the campaign for the Jamaica Labour Party will be run under the theme, “Recovering Stronger.” Meanwhile there was a somber moment at the meeting, as the Party Chairman asked that a moment of silence be observed for MP Shahine Robinson, who passed recently. The Central Executive also acknowledged and congratulated Senate President Tom Tavares Finson and Minister Karl Samuda, who were recently conferred with the awards of Order of Jamaica.  
By resolution, it was acknowledged and accepted by the Central Executive, that the current administration is “the most successful government since 1972”.

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