Joint Statement by The General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party and the Jamaica Labour Party’s Women’s Parliamentary Caucus

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Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 14:15

The General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party, Dr. the Hon Horace Chang and the Jamaica Labour Party Women’s Parliamentary Caucus today added their voices to the matter concerning comments made by Minister Delroy Chuck during a Joint Select Committee Meeting on the Sexual Harassment Bill.

Dr. Chang said “We strongly condemn any statement which diminishes the importance of the issue of sexual harassment, or the broader issue of sexual violence. We therefore welcome Minister Chuck’s apology and trust that going forward his conduct in the relevant Committee will reflect the seriousness with which we know he truly believes such matters should be addressed.”

Minister Babsy Grange, on behalf of JLP Women Parliamentarians added “The Jamaica Labour Party believes strongly that all Jamaican women must be able to work in environments which are not toxic or hostile as a result of unwanted sexual advances being made towards them, and that is why we believe this Bill is an important part of our agenda to protect and empower our women and girls.”

Minister Grange continued “The Jamaica Labour Party has always honoured and respected women and we will continue to so do, including through sensitization of the public to the issues raised by the new draft Sexual Harassment Bill, and more broadly, through amendments proposed to the Sexual Offences Act, Offences Against the Persons Act, and the Domestic Violence Act to give our women and girls greater protection from sexual violence.

In closing, Dr. Chang said “We, the Jamaica Labour Party, stand with the women of Jamaica who every day work hard to support themselves and provide for their families.  We will not fail you.”

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