Montague Worried about Cockpit Country

Release Date: 
Monday, June 8, 2015 - 21:00

JLP Shadow Minister on Mining and Energy, Senator Robert Montague, is asking, in whose interest the government is acting when they refuse to update the nation on alleged mining activity in The Cockpit Country.

Mr. Montague noted that: "The Minister took a whole army of consultants, advisers and public servants to The Cockpit Country in response to allegations of mining activities. They used government vehicles, expensive government gas, they were paid travelling, lunch was provided at the expense of the public purse, the police provided security, the team walked, looked, took notes, spoke to people and returned to their offices. The poor long suffering taxpayer was promised a press conference and update. It was cancelled".

The Spokesperson would like to know: "What did the Minister and his team see or hear that has scared them? Is there mining taking place? Who is doing the mining?"

Mr. Montague also noted that The Cockpit Country produces 40% of Jamaica's water and mining is not allowed in this sensitive ecological area: "The silence of the government speaks volumes as to their arrogance and uncaring nature. They don't care for the people, they don't care for the environment, and they don't care for the future of our beloved country. All this government cares about is passing the next IMF test. It's pure unadulterated arrogance, it is contempt for the Jamaican people, when our water supply is threatened and the government chooses not update us".

Mr. Montague is recommending that accepted borders for the Cockpit Country be defined and that a law should be passed prohibiting any mining or environmentally damaging activity from taking place there as it is a national treasure and an important asset. He said: "It must be protected and cherished not destroyed and Jamaica needs an update from the government on this matter".

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