Finance Issues

January 19, 2016

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness lauded the contribution of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) to national development and the growth of the financial sector in his address on Tuesday at the JSE’s Conference in downtown Kingston.  Mr....

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Opposition spokesman on finance and planning, Audley Shaw, says that the government may be trampling upon the constitutional rights of Jamaicans, by introducing new tax collection measures in two Bills passed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

“In our mad rush to impose these enhanced, if not draconian, powers, is this government prepared to trample upon the constitutional rights of the citizens of Jamaica in order to achieve this objective? It appears so,” Shaw told the House of Representatives during the debate on Wednesday.

Shaw also warned...

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Jamaica Observer
Balford Henry!

Tax Fraud

FINANCE Minister Peter Phillips yesterday blamed tax avoidance and evasion as major contributors to Jamaica's debt problems.

"...I daresay, and if we are to be honest, it is the failure to support the revenues on the part of so many persons, that is at least, in part, accountable for the extent of the debt that has built up over the years," Dr Phillips told the House of Representatives.

He said that, in the absence of adequate revenues to meet expenditure expected by the population...